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  • Team Challenge 2017.1

    Teams of 4: 2 girls, 2 boys
    3 Divisions, 4 Events

  • Saturday, March 25, 2017

    8am – 5pm
    (Registration opens at 7:30am.)

What We've Got For You

There's a reason Threshold Open events are so much fun.

Several, actually.

  • Automatic Division Selection

    No need to guess which division to enter.
    Plus, enjoy a level playing field.

  • Well-Organised

    Plan your strategy for the day with confidence.

  • Great Prizes & Gifts

    Winning teams get prize packs courtesy of our amazing sponsors.

Fair Divisions & A Level Playing Field

Our approach takes the guesswork out of choosing a division and make sure you're competing on a level playing field.

The results from the first 2 events are used to assign divisions for the remaining events.

And voilà! No guessing + a fair competition bracket.

Fair Divisions & A Level Playing Field
A Reliable Schedule You Can Trust

A Reliable Schedule You Can Trust

As a competitive athlete, you know how important it is to plan both your work/rest timing and your meals.

Our schedule is solid and reliable so you can plan your day knowing you can stick to your plan.

Intelligent Programming

A combined 20+ years of CrossFit coaching and program design fuels the programming for Threshold Open events.

This means that you'll get well-thought-out events that offer novel & interesting challenges without any gimmicks or silliness.

A Reliable Schedule You Can Trust
Athlete Care

Professional Athlete Care

You work hard during the day so your body could use some proper maintenance and recovery.

That's why you'll enjoy athlete care stations staffed by professional RMTs.

Great Sponsors & Great Prizes

We work to find sponsors to offer prizes that CrossFitters want.

These great companies want to contribute to your experience and make your competition day even better.

Some of the amazing folks we regularly work with include Badass WODWear, Hylete, FatGripz, Biosteel, and Vega.


Great Sponsors & Great Prizes

"The event was awesome and inspiring.
Thank you CrossFit Toronto for a great day!"

The Skinny

  • Divisions

    3 (automatically determined)

  • Format

    Team (2 girls, 2 boys)

  • Prizing

    Top team in each division

  • Date

    Spring 2017.

  • Time

    8am – 5pm

Limited Space Available

$89 / person

Registration closes March 12, 2017

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Register Your Team Now
50% Complete

Test your training. Find your threshold.